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Αρχική ΣελίδαΞΕΠΟΥΛΗΜΑMTC-1 WALKERA MAGIC CUBE Anrdoid Compatible  

MTC-1 WALKERA MAGIC CUBE Anrdoid Compatible

Προβολή Μεγαλύτερης Εικόνας

Τιμή Τιμοκαταλόγου: 39.00
Η Τιμή μας: 29.90 ()
Κερδίζετε : 9.10 (23%)
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  • Specification
1)Frequency: 2.4G FH
2)Output power: less than 10mW
3)Overall unit Current: less than 35mA
4)Apply battery: 3.7V 80mAh
5)Weight: 10g


1)Make sure all the WK series radios can be compatible with all DEVO series helicopter .Let all the users who have WK transmitters to enjoy the DEVO series helicopters now !!!
2)Comprehensive compatible Android system cellphone transmitters.Base on the smart phones built-in sensor dynamic technology, the aircraft can be controlled by the cellphone on real-time flight.
3)Two control mode:gravity Sensor Mode and full simulate transmitter operation mode.
4)Can make independent reverse setting through each channel, 4 channel trims setting.
5)Setup PIT, DR, THRO curve parameters according to needs




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