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Αρχική ΣελίδαΞΕΠΟΥΛΗΜΑAIRWOLF ΜΕΓΑΛΟ KOΥΣΤΟΥΜΙ 500άρι με ανακλινόμενες ρόδες  

AIRWOLF ΜΕΓΑΛΟ KOΥΣΤΟΥΜΙ 500άρι με ανακλινόμενες ρόδες

Προβολή Μεγαλύτερης Εικόνας

Τιμή Τιμοκαταλόγου: 330.00
Η Τιμή μας: 145.00 ()
Κερδίζετε : 185.00 (56%)
Αποστολή σε Φίλο σας

Technical Data

Suitable for T-REX500 Helicopter.
Retractable functionality.
Realistic military equipment refined version.
Belly of scale fuselage adopted 3K carbon ribs which could be resist ordinary crash, heat of rotation, and helps fuselage keep in shape.
Easy assembly, retractable landing gear with smart towbar design, just needs a single DS410 servo is enough to tow 3 sets of landing gears.
Non screw canopy cover design which convenient for battery's maintenance.

Body length:1000mm
Body width:380mm
Body high:310mm
Size:109x36x20cm ,1 set/ctn

Fuselage x 1
Vertical stabilizer (B) x 1
Vertical stabilizer (S) x 2
Tail unit cover x 1
Stabilizer x 2
Machine gun mount x 2
Machine gun x 2
Rocket gun x 1
Aluminum alloy retract mount x 3 Set
Machine gun supporting tube x 1
Wheel control arm x 4
Front landing skid mount x 2
Front wheel x 1
Back wheel x 2
Fuselage Frame x 2
Servo mount x 1
Carbon fiber rod(?4x88mm) x 3
Carbon fiber rod(?3x45mm) x 2
Vertical stabilizer support arms x 1
4 Carbon rod nut(?4x?9x5.5mm) x 4
Set screw(M3x4mm) x 11
Self-tapping screw(T1.7x5mm) x 11
Washer self tapping screw(T2x5mm) x 2
Washer self tapping screw(T2x12mm) x 2
Washer self tapping screw(T2x10mm) x 2
Screw(M2x20mm) x 4
Screw(M3x10mm) x 4
M3 nut x 4
Washer(?4.3x?9x0.8mm) x 4
Linkage ball A(M2x3.5) x 1(?4.75x8.18mm)
Linkage ball A(T2.6x3.5) x 5(?4.75x8.18mm)
Ball link(Black) x 6
Stainless steel linkage rod x 1(?2x92mm)
Stainless steel linkage rod x 2(?2x286mm)
Washer x 4(?2x?6x0.6mm)
Washer x 2(?2.6x?5.8x0.6mm)
M2 hex nut x 1


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