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Αρχική ΣελίδαΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΑSPEED CONTROLSHobbyWing 18A EZRUN Mini Brushless ESC [18A-SL]  

HobbyWing 18A EZRUN Mini Brushless ESC [18A-SL]

Προβολή Μεγαλύτερης Εικόνας

Τιμή Τιμοκαταλόγου: 65.00
Η Τιμή μας: 32.00 ()
Κερδίζετε : 33.00 (51%)
Αποστολή σε Φίλο σας

  • Designed for sensorless brushless motor application
  • High power capacitor for extra punch during startup
  • 2 user selectable running mode (forward only or forward and reverse)
  • Proportional ABS braking with 4 steps brake force, 8 steps drag-brake, 4 steps initial brake force, 4 steps reverse force, 8 steps timing, 4 start mode adjustment
  • Build in protections includes: Low voltage protection for Lipo battery, ESC overheat protection, Fail safe, motor overload
  • Easily track side programmable with single button or optional program card

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